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    GOLDMILL Machinery Co., Ltd., built in 1957,is the earlist production base of material transportation equipment in China.

Not only our company passed ISO9001 qulity system certification first among same lines but also the GOLDMILL series Hand Pallet Truck gained GS/CE certification.

Wide market in Europe, America, Southeast Asia etc, more than 70 countries and regions makes us become one of the largest material transportation equipment exporter in Asia.

Besides above, sales and service net in all large and middle size cities with the primary objective satisfying customers demand make our customers feel at home.
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Location: Hubei·
Address: Jinshan, Hubei
Contact person: Yiwen
TEL 0724-7222566
Website: http://www.irolay.com/uhome-300
Register Date: 2010-03-22
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